Coming To The Blowout Bar in March 2022.

At The Blowout Bar we want to make sure the time you spend with us is as special as possible. Our carefully selected menu showcases hand-picked local merchants who are the best at their craft. We’re big on supporting local business! Our bar menu is complimentary to all our guests.


    Platform 9 Roasters, N.E Victoria

    100% Arabica blend roasted by experts in North East Victoria.

    + Short Black
    + Long Black
    + Flat White
    + Latte
    + Cappuccino


    Grounded Pleasures, Ballarat VIC

    Original Luxe GF
    Superb Forastero cocoa beans & a hit of Trinitario cocoa beans, with delightfully high fruity notes.

    Pink Salt Caramel GF
    Bold and exquisite cocoa, naturally caramelly unrefined organic panela cane sugar seasoned with Dimboola Lake pink salt. Smooth and utterly delicious!

    Cinnamon Spice GF
    A subtle blend of fine Original cocoa with freshly cold ground cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cardamon made in a northern European style.

  • TEA

    Yarra Valley Tea Company, Yarra Valley VIC

    Certified organic range.

    English Breakfast
    Kemun, assam & ceylon whole Orange Pekoe leaves

    Aunt Myrtle
    Victorian grown sencha green tea with Queensland grown lemon myrtle

    Spearmint, chamomile, linden flower, lemon balm & cornflower

    New You Detox
    Dandelion leaf and root, nettle, birch, calendula, cornflower, elderflower & raspberry leaf


    Dash Water, Britain UK

    Super tasty sparkly water with real fruit. No sugars, no sweeteners, no calories.

    + Cucumber
    + Raspberry
    + Peach
    + Blackcurrant
    + Lemon


    Naked Life, Victoria

    Sparkling non-alcoholic cocktails crafted with distilled botanicals. Low in calories and sugar free.

    + Margarita
    + Classic Gin & Tonic
    + Negroni
    + Italian Spritz
    + Wimbeldon Spritz


    Australia & New Zealand

    A carefully selected range of delicious wines.

    + Prosecco
    + Pinot Gris
    + Sauvignon Blanc
    + Rose